Saturday, June 27, 2009


okay evryone hates it.Semua orang tak suka kalau stress.

If you dont like stress.How about giving stress to other people?Isnt that just plain evil?

The first Salam.

hey this is my fourth blog I guess I made this one before I am off to UTM which is tomorrow.haha!I dont know just trying to make a REAL BLOG,if you know what I mean.

Like the blog that shows the real me for people to see.(But not to private la)Just a common me as the world sees me,and you can find me here.

This is just a simple blog of words.(Simpleee giler punya,sampai aku rasa macam best giler tak payah nak edit2.hahahah)Insyallah if i have time (like i used to when i was blogging for my other blogs) I will put up some pictures or etc.

This blog will be in campur or rojak bahasa.Can be in B.Malaysia or's up to me la suke hati aku lah!haha

So,I'll just keep on blogging and you will keep on reading?okay?eheh that's with the case if you wanna read,but if you dont,well i dont give a damn

Well,I guess this is just a beginning,MORE EXCITING STUFF TO COME!=D \\
Untill then,salam 'alaykum See ya! byeeeee and Hello UTM here I come !;)