Thursday, January 28, 2010

Let's Vote!

'Mari Mengundi!'

So, yesterday, was the DAY of ELECTION. THE DAY OF VOTING. in ALMOST ALL IPTA's in Malaysia.( I am not very sure )

Here, at my place Universiti Teknologi Malaysia International Campus, Jalan Semarak,Kuala Lumpur.The voting day went smoothly, as smooth as a funeral event. should the world be silent? It was not as fancy, exciting as it used to be the last time it was held says some of my seniors. But, it was just alright. I took part of the voting too, as it's a MUST ( WAJIB ) for ALL students to vote!

Last time it was held, the CALON-CALON ( candidates ) were all from UTM Skudai, Johore coming down to promote their slogans in UTM IC, KL throught events like, promotional speech and etc. But, this year as the seniors said, it didnt go like it used to be.

But, it was alright. I voted! HAHA! Sad part was, I didnt even KNOW who I was voting for!
I just tick! tick! and another tick! for 10 ticks! I ticked those which I see have some potential in leading UTM's perwakilan pelajar legacy on their FACE! Ha ha! Could faces possibly show 'potential'? Ayyah, it must be so lame to have to be born having 'unpotential' face! haha! Kidding. What do you think about me? Do I have the 'potential face'? *LOL.


Some of us, chose those who have FACES ! you know what I mean. good-looking and cute ones for we didnt exactly know who they are! haha! and that's definitely not an appropriate way to vote! ;p

I am glad and I hope I have picked the right ones.

Oi~ class at 11 am! and now it's 10 am. Better off to class now. Bye semuaaa~ Assalamualaikum. May Peace be Upon You! Salam 1Malaysia! :D annd thanks for reading. ;D

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dont worry..I will keep on changing.. a lilttttle bit.

Yes. this words I need to utter up on my blog.

Ever since, I was born..during kindergaten, in primary and secondary school...and then, went high school..and now in IPTA..

I have always keep on matter in what aspect, physically, mentally, emotionally,
yeah almost in every aspect..

They say, ''dulu lain sekarang lain''. I confirmly agreed on that.

Islam juga menggalakkan perubahan daripada positif menjadi yang lebih positif.

BUT HEY, that is what I'll do.


I dont know wether I got that correct in describing my metamorphosis .

but yeah keep on changing and you wont regret. and live your life to the fullest in one path.
that's a living life upon a religion beliefs. that's the very best.


Salam alaykum

I aint talking about any other kinds of presentation.

I am taking about PLANNING as in URBAN AND REGIONAL PLANNING presentation.


Stressnye presentation..why? kenapa? lack of preparation? nervs? 50% of knowledge?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Malaysia 53rd Independence Celebration.

haish, still got 50 more years to go to reach 100 perfect years!

and when we reach that, I'll be 68 years old that time! hahah !

Go Malaysia! 1Malaysia! :D

Just feel like posting this simple thought up on my blog. :)

Saturday, January 16, 2010 I on the right path?

I am scared, i am confused, I feel confident! I am afraid of loosing ways. I feel mixed-up. I feel everything!

Is this what I want?

In this technical field? development field?

Can I become succes in this field?

Planning for urban life? Am I the right person to join this field?

I dont know.. the GOVERNMENT of HIGH EDUCATION made me here! in UTM! Studying PLANNING!

Should I continue this field and do the best as I can?
Or should I give up?

Can I afford planning?
Can I fit in planning?

Where should I go?
Should I stay or should I leave?

Should I make planning BIG in my life diary?
Can I?

Am I on the right path?

Friday, January 15, 2010

Daddy dan Anak talking about sex

Suatu pagi seorang anak yang baru masuk sekolah primary bertanya kepada daddynya,

'Daddy.daddy .... sex tu apa, daddy ....?'

Terkulat-kulat si ayah. Terfikir dia tentang arus kemodenan zaman sekarang yang membuatkan manusia berfikiran terbuka, termasuklah anak-anak yang masih kecil. Sesuai dengan konsep pendidikan seks yang sedang hangat dibincangkan, mulalah si ayah mencari-cari jawapan yang sesuai dengan harapan anaknya takkan tertinggal dalam arus pendidikan moden.

Maka si ayah pun memberikan jawapan secara mengkiaskan kumbang dan bunga, telur yang yang menetaskan berudu dan seterusnya menjadi katak, hujan serta benih yang mencetuskan tunas, diikuti dengan pembentukan bayi dalam kandungan.

Sebelum mengakhiri jawapannya itu, si ayah menyelitkan pula kisah percintaan antara dia dan mamanya sejak dari zaman sekolah menengah lagi hinggalah kepada kelahiran seorang bayi comel iaitu si anak yang bertanya itu. Tiba-tiba si anak menangis teresak-esak. Si ayah kehairanan.

'Eh kenapa ni?'

Si ayah bertanya kehairanan. Si anak masih juga menangis.

'Jawapan daddy tu panjang sangat, tapi tempat nak tulis jawapan ni pendek. Daddy ajalah yang tulis, waaaaa!!!!'

Kata si anak lantas menyerahkan buku latihan Bahasa Inggerisnya yang pada muka depan tertulis.... ..


Monday, January 11, 2010

Akademi Fantasia 8 Audition


I went.....

so embarassing...

need more and more practice in showmentship and nervousity and public performance....

didnt get the chance at all..



it was a very fun day! ^_^