Friday, July 31, 2009's not H1N1

Hi and assalamualaikum to all,
this is kind of hard to start but anyway,do you see the above image?That's me.yes.ofcourse.with the famous white clothes to cover one's nose,mouth and breathing system.No,i am not having H1N1.yes I am in the spirit of 1Malaysia but H1N1(Allah please take this diesease away!)

It was all started last wednesday(29th of July),I was feeling sick a whole body.Aches all of inside my body.and then I skippied Ko-Ku session.I thought I would be alright that night.

I was wrong,that night I had a painful fever,my body was hot and i didnt feel comfortable at all after i started to vomit the whole night.

The next day(Thursday;30 July) ,I skipped Studio,I cannot make it to the class,my stomach felt funny,my head was feeling dizzy,I kept on vomitting,i had fever,and then i went to the UTM clinic,the doctor checked she said if the fever doesnt drop below in 5 days you should comeback here.She suspected dengue.and they gave some medications.I ate them.

the next day (Friday;31 July) the fever is gone,but my stomach and head still feeling WEIRD and it's hard to explain,and then Ayah fetched me after maghrib and we went to the clinic in Shah Alam,the doctor said we should to to Hospital as they cannot determine my illness.I was like...*put some patience in me Ya Allah!* but they gave some medications and asked me put on the 'white mask'.

and here i am,a sick person blogging with the white mask on.

tomorrow(saturday 1st of August) we're gonna go for another medical check up at the Hospital.
*I feel pity towards my parents.

I hope it's not H1N1.Which one to choose,dengue or H1N1?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

To Yasmin Ahmad


*okay i look weird in this pic.

This post is dedicated to Sufi.(as he asked me to put this pic up on my blog)Ahaha!.

Things about Sufi.

1)He is my best-mate in 1DDN-Diploma in Urban and Regional Planning.
2)He is the 'ketua studio' and ketua in semualah!I lantik him you know.haha
3)He is a Sarawakian.
4)He is a Muslim!
5)Gedik.which happen quite sometimes.
6)He has a bestfriend called Wan here at the campus.The pair transforms extra-GEDIK when 'placed' together.Ive seen them couple of me.Ya Rabbi!.*sigh*
7)Sufi is nice at most time.all DDN crew loves him!=)

Sya'ban Fasting.

salam everyone.
so starting last thursday which was on the 23rd of July.which was on the 1st of Sya'aban.
I have started to do ibdah sunnat whcih is fasting in Sya'ban!heheh!

I feel so happy because I can actually be in an 'angel' mode again and think wisely.uhuh in everything i do.

I dont know,it's just that I have so much sins that ive done that i need to do fasting so that Allah would forgives me.;( yes,seriously!it's not that i am showing off or something but umm yes I really NEED 'THIS'!

and Thanks Allah,Islam has the way!that is fasting.

plus,they say fasting in Sya'ban or Rejab month (according to Islamic calender) would reward you multiply,you know~Insyallah!^_^

My 18th birthday.

and last 24th of July.

I would like to say THANK YOU to everyone who wished me "happy Birthday'' hehe
especially my family and bestfriends!

I am finally 18!LOL

Thank you for still remembering my birthday!
That means you guys still have a care or once or twice have a thought about me!
Thanks I really am apprectating it!^_^

Youtube and techs.

Other than that,yes I miss vlogging on youtube very mych!!I miss all my videos and friends there!^_^but again,LOL sadly I have no lappy with built-in webcam here at the campus !!!urgh i miss home so much for that!!!huhu.*planning to buy one.heheh* hey this friday - sunday PC FAIR 2009 second time at KLCC! wish me to get a new cheap comfortable lappy and a new camera yah!heheh.

The trip.

I am currently busy with Paper works and yes I am going for a trip to Taiping and Georgetown next sunday!! YAY!!!^_^
Me and my DDN-Regional and Urban Planning first year crew are gonna go 'studying' all inside out of those heritage cities!

YIPPI! cant wait,sadly only two days 1 night.urgh!I wish it could be extended.

That;s all for the update!

Happy Fasting yall!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Metropolitan park,Kepong

Last Thursday me and my DDN Town Planning crew went to the place.

We were asked by Miss Intan to draw 1 point perspective and 2 point .It was fun!Here's the pictures i found in Sufi's USB pendrive.ahaha(I stole em!)shh!)

there was Ara , Huzaifi and Thila.:)

Today's class is cancelled.

and i feel so happy cuz i have got plenty of times in the morning hours,but sadly,i have an assignment to be passed up at this very 4 pm .Alamak! and now i am in hurry of completing it.and in the evening hours,I've gotta attend curicullum session.paiseh!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Atuk Sakit.


tiada lagi khabar yang lebih menginsafkan diri ku ini apabila mendapat berita tentang keadaan atuk.
jadi,petang tadi aku bergegas ke hospital swasta di Melaka dengan Ummi dan Ayah untuk menziarahi atuk.
Semuanya berjalan dengan lancar,keadaan Atuk seemed very well and getting better.
and Insyallah esok aku akan pulang semula ke UTM dan menyambung kembalik pembelajaran,which I have to strive for a bright future!i CAN DO IT!
other than that,sebaik aku balik rumah tadi,kalau tidak mati kebosanan aku kat bilik dorm tu sorang2.hahaha yelah semua org blah balik rumah,ada yang habiskan duit kat KLCC,

haishh tak kuase dah aku nak mengikut.

The most important thing is that,I have to focus on what my main pupose to be in UTM is.
that is,to study URBAN AND REGIONAL PLANNING till I get my phD.
thank youh!


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pelajar UTM Maut Jatuh Asrama.

salam and hi to all,

okay this death tragedy happened past night just at my block!I can see the poor student's room just at the left corner outside of my room's window if i go and take a look outside.The room is at the same level 4 as mine.
I dont know,if you already being aware of this news or not but here's the link to the news.

Pelajar UTM Maut Jatuh Asrama.

salam and hi to all,

okay this death tragedy happened past night just at my block!I can see the poor student's room just at the left corner outside of my room's window if i go and take a look outside.The room is at the same level 4 as mine.
I dont know,if you already being aware of this news or not but here's the link to the news.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Week 2.

week 2 was serioulsy hard.wait-no.Not at all.

My Savings.

Okay 2 weeks have past.and you know what?I have been trying to spend a RM 1 a day.HAHA

But,trust me, it would never happened.Do you know why?First of all,with just RM 1 a day I could just get a
'ciput' of Mee Hun at the Koperasi besides the Mosque of UTM.haha

the funny part is,I am a town planning student.So,like duhhh.all the protectors/projectors/or whatever costed above

So the past 2 weeks,I was like trying to spend a RM1 a day but I didnt make it.HAHA.
Only to discover that,at the end of the day,Ive spent more than RM 10.

Allah's sake.I was tring and still am.haha.Wish me luck!

Even my Ummi and eldest sister,Atiqah laughed at me so hard when I told them about ''My Savings''.;P

Friday, July 10, 2009

Assignments Assignments Assignments

Assignments menimbun macam ape ntah.

Miss Intan's Studio -Siap Thank God I have to pass up next Monday.

Mr.Ghobi's Komputer - Belum.Pass up in 2 weeks.

Prof Madya Shuhana's report - Not yet.End of week 5

bapak baru permulaan assignments dah banyak tahap gaban.
I dont know what's next!


Michael Jackson's Death.

I didnt watch the late night last 'penghormatan' to Michael Jackson cuz I was at the dorm in bilik TV and it was late.and I had to go to sleep.

Now,Jumaat,I am home,and watching youtube videos of the sad concert.Now I know how it feels to watch Paris Jackson cried that night.:(

Monday, July 6, 2009

Writing on PSZ.

Salam and Hi to all,

Actually,there's nothing left on my mind to be put here.It's just that I am right now at the Pusat Sumber Zanariah(as I guess) feeling a bit released after several days without the connection!LOL (I cannot live without internet and youtube!)

Oh well,right now,the pusat sumber is quite nice,but yang penting connection dier (perrrr) okay jugaklah haha.Dapat jugak aku merasai internet meskpun tidak as comfortable as making myself online at home with the familys laptop.wuhu.with t-shirts and shorts.haha.:(( missing those days.

Actually,I am just finished the English interviews and test with Miss Venee the UTM phD reseacrher whos now on her case study on Malays english usage stuff.I wish her goodluck.I was seriously doing the test just to help her out with her research cuz she once said about improving English teaching in schools in Malaysia and also English in Malays.That's the reason why I was so eager to attend the tests and research.It was fun! Miss Venee was so nice!

She is right now doing phD in a univerisity of Australia.I wish her good luck!( I cant believe shes already 38! like..OMG!haha She looks 20 something.) Wishing her all the best!

And kepda semua yang mengikuti blog baru aku ni,for those whos following my new blog.I say ''thank you very much.'' You guys are my bestfriends ever!

I will keep in blogging and updating and u will keep in connecting with me okay!^_^ heheheheh

As for the mean time,Sayonara byebye All.ive gotta catch my class at 2 pm.(wait lambat lagi la)haha.


Friday, July 3, 2009

Minggu Haluan Siswa

okay semalam aku tak berkesempatan untuk bercerita ttg pengalaman seminggu aku di UTM,sebab semalam I was busy setting up myself at home!hahah

and right now let me story you a bit Minggu Haluan Siswa di UTM Jalan Semarak,

aku seperti ngan org lain gak,daftar and kelam kabut masa hari pendaftaran,masa pendaftaran ramai gak lah aku sapa dan kenal ngan budak baru kat utm yg senasib ngan aku gak.hahah

lepas je pendaftaran,kami semua ada taklimat taklimat and jugaklahhh~~

and then aku kenal dgn banyak abang dan kakak senior yang menjayakan Minggu Haluan Siswa tersebut MHS,contohnya Abang Yazid, Abang Yazid dan abang yazid.hahah itu je kot aku ingat.cet! yang lain tu mcm susah lah lagipun aku mmg tak pay attention pun masa dorg gave out their names.*teruknye akuh*

and then it was Malam Kebudayaan,I didnt make it for the Pentomin eventhough I joined the group oh well~ they've got a better idea and it was last minute!

kemudian,kitorang jalan2 satu kampusss,pergi sana pergi sini,buat aktivi listing names of our friends whom we need to remember!!!! which was very suckyyy.hahaha.and then met our lecturers and all =D it was fun!

and then,taklimat lagiii...

kemudian the last day which was Thursday 2nd of July,ada sukan..aku ngan bestfriend baru aku yang bernama Adli terus pergi Masjid pontenggg.HAHAHA malas seyh nak gi bersukan..

kemudian esoknye Jumaat,pergi semayang jumaat.

begitulahhh rutin harian aku yang membosankan semasa Minggu Haluan Siswa..

haihhhhhhh bagi aku MHS ni okayyy je laaa

which I think the main idea is to get to know each other right

I met an Ustaz in campus who said that this year's MHS is being ''tooo nice' for us because as years past,they're were very *harsh* and its getting better each year as MHS gets the ''pemantauan'' to clearify things to be friendly for juniors.=D


next week is kuliahs..*sigh*

Balik rumah jap! UTM is alright!heheh.

Assalamualaikum dulu..heheh

yippi! aku dah balik rumah kejap,heheheh.Alhamdulillahhhhhhhh dapat jugak aku berdikari naik teksi and then LRT pastu HOME! yess!

huhuhu and now i can be online back in a much more relaxing and comfortable situation!!!!^_^
which is at home!heheheh.

bagi aku UTM ni alright jugak lah,tpi yg penting kalau kita nak org jadi peramah kat kite,kite yang dulu kene jadi peramah,kalau tidakk takkan menjadi

jadikanlah semua musuh anda sebagai kawan baik anda,gerenti mesti anda akan berjaya dunia akhirah! insyallah!^_^

ni aku balik ni pun sebab nak buat couple of things online.

Ahad ni pulang balik.That's all for the update! see yall =)