Saturday, July 11, 2009

My Savings.

Okay 2 weeks have past.and you know what?I have been trying to spend a RM 1 a day.HAHA

But,trust me, it would never happened.Do you know why?First of all,with just RM 1 a day I could just get a
'ciput' of Mee Hun at the Koperasi besides the Mosque of UTM.haha

the funny part is,I am a town planning student.So,like duhhh.all the protectors/projectors/or whatever costed above

So the past 2 weeks,I was like trying to spend a RM1 a day but I didnt make it.HAHA.
Only to discover that,at the end of the day,Ive spent more than RM 10.

Allah's sake.I was tring and still am.haha.Wish me luck!

Even my Ummi and eldest sister,Atiqah laughed at me so hard when I told them about ''My Savings''.;P

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