Monday, July 6, 2009

Writing on PSZ.

Salam and Hi to all,

Actually,there's nothing left on my mind to be put here.It's just that I am right now at the Pusat Sumber Zanariah(as I guess) feeling a bit released after several days without the connection!LOL (I cannot live without internet and youtube!)

Oh well,right now,the pusat sumber is quite nice,but yang penting connection dier (perrrr) okay jugaklah haha.Dapat jugak aku merasai internet meskpun tidak as comfortable as making myself online at home with the familys laptop.wuhu.with t-shirts and shorts.haha.:(( missing those days.

Actually,I am just finished the English interviews and test with Miss Venee the UTM phD reseacrher whos now on her case study on Malays english usage stuff.I wish her goodluck.I was seriously doing the test just to help her out with her research cuz she once said about improving English teaching in schools in Malaysia and also English in Malays.That's the reason why I was so eager to attend the tests and research.It was fun! Miss Venee was so nice!

She is right now doing phD in a univerisity of Australia.I wish her good luck!( I cant believe shes already 38! like..OMG!haha She looks 20 something.) Wishing her all the best!

And kepda semua yang mengikuti blog baru aku ni,for those whos following my new blog.I say ''thank you very much.'' You guys are my bestfriends ever!

I will keep in blogging and updating and u will keep in connecting with me okay!^_^ heheheheh

As for the mean time,Sayonara byebye All.ive gotta catch my class at 2 pm.(wait lambat lagi la)haha.


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