Sunday, July 26, 2009


*okay i look weird in this pic.

This post is dedicated to Sufi.(as he asked me to put this pic up on my blog)Ahaha!.

Things about Sufi.

1)He is my best-mate in 1DDN-Diploma in Urban and Regional Planning.
2)He is the 'ketua studio' and ketua in semualah!I lantik him you know.haha
3)He is a Sarawakian.
4)He is a Muslim!
5)Gedik.which happen quite sometimes.
6)He has a bestfriend called Wan here at the campus.The pair transforms extra-GEDIK when 'placed' together.Ive seen them couple of me.Ya Rabbi!.*sigh*
7)Sufi is nice at most time.all DDN crew loves him!=)

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