Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sya'ban Fasting.

salam everyone.
so starting last thursday which was on the 23rd of July.which was on the 1st of Sya'aban.
I have started to do ibdah sunnat whcih is fasting in Sya'ban!heheh!

I feel so happy because I can actually be in an 'angel' mode again and think wisely.uhuh in everything i do.

I dont know,it's just that I have so much sins that ive done that i need to do fasting so that Allah would forgives me.;( yes,seriously!it's not that i am showing off or something but umm yes I really NEED 'THIS'!

and Thanks Allah,Islam has the way!that is fasting.

plus,they say fasting in Sya'ban or Rejab month (according to Islamic calender) would reward you multiply,you know~Insyallah!^_^

My 18th birthday.

and last 24th of July.

I would like to say THANK YOU to everyone who wished me "happy Birthday'' hehe
especially my family and bestfriends!

I am finally 18!LOL

Thank you for still remembering my birthday!
That means you guys still have a care or once or twice have a thought about me!
Thanks I really am apprectating it!^_^

Youtube and techs.

Other than that,yes I miss vlogging on youtube very mych!!I miss all my videos and friends there!^_^but again,LOL sadly I have no lappy with built-in webcam here at the campus !!!urgh i miss home so much for that!!!huhu.*planning to buy one.heheh* hey this friday - sunday PC FAIR 2009 second time at KLCC! wish me to get a new cheap comfortable lappy and a new camera yah!heheh.

The trip.

I am currently busy with Paper works and yes I am going for a trip to Taiping and Georgetown next sunday!! YAY!!!^_^
Me and my DDN-Regional and Urban Planning first year crew are gonna go 'studying' all inside out of those heritage cities!

YIPPI! cant wait,sadly only two days 1 night.urgh!I wish it could be extended.

That;s all for the update!

Happy Fasting yall!


  1. sorry ya akmal.
    happy belated bday.
    love ,

  2. abg akmal..eppy bufday..haha..sorry lmbt wishh..xp