Friday, July 31, 2009's not H1N1

Hi and assalamualaikum to all,
this is kind of hard to start but anyway,do you see the above image?That's me.yes.ofcourse.with the famous white clothes to cover one's nose,mouth and breathing system.No,i am not having H1N1.yes I am in the spirit of 1Malaysia but H1N1(Allah please take this diesease away!)

It was all started last wednesday(29th of July),I was feeling sick a whole body.Aches all of inside my body.and then I skippied Ko-Ku session.I thought I would be alright that night.

I was wrong,that night I had a painful fever,my body was hot and i didnt feel comfortable at all after i started to vomit the whole night.

The next day(Thursday;30 July) ,I skipped Studio,I cannot make it to the class,my stomach felt funny,my head was feeling dizzy,I kept on vomitting,i had fever,and then i went to the UTM clinic,the doctor checked she said if the fever doesnt drop below in 5 days you should comeback here.She suspected dengue.and they gave some medications.I ate them.

the next day (Friday;31 July) the fever is gone,but my stomach and head still feeling WEIRD and it's hard to explain,and then Ayah fetched me after maghrib and we went to the clinic in Shah Alam,the doctor said we should to to Hospital as they cannot determine my illness.I was like...*put some patience in me Ya Allah!* but they gave some medications and asked me put on the 'white mask'.

and here i am,a sick person blogging with the white mask on.

tomorrow(saturday 1st of August) we're gonna go for another medical check up at the Hospital.
*I feel pity towards my parents.

I hope it's not H1N1.Which one to choose,dengue or H1N1?


  1. wanna choose either one. If I was you, i want neither! hahaha...

    I'm also having flu...
    but im not vomitting or coughing. Just a normal runny nose and high temperature. Hope its normal though. haha.. Dun forget to take your medicine. =)

  2. kesian awk,
    moga2 cepat sembuh oke.