Thursday, January 28, 2010

Let's Vote!

'Mari Mengundi!'

So, yesterday, was the DAY of ELECTION. THE DAY OF VOTING. in ALMOST ALL IPTA's in Malaysia.( I am not very sure )

Here, at my place Universiti Teknologi Malaysia International Campus, Jalan Semarak,Kuala Lumpur.The voting day went smoothly, as smooth as a funeral event. should the world be silent? It was not as fancy, exciting as it used to be the last time it was held says some of my seniors. But, it was just alright. I took part of the voting too, as it's a MUST ( WAJIB ) for ALL students to vote!

Last time it was held, the CALON-CALON ( candidates ) were all from UTM Skudai, Johore coming down to promote their slogans in UTM IC, KL throught events like, promotional speech and etc. But, this year as the seniors said, it didnt go like it used to be.

But, it was alright. I voted! HAHA! Sad part was, I didnt even KNOW who I was voting for!
I just tick! tick! and another tick! for 10 ticks! I ticked those which I see have some potential in leading UTM's perwakilan pelajar legacy on their FACE! Ha ha! Could faces possibly show 'potential'? Ayyah, it must be so lame to have to be born having 'unpotential' face! haha! Kidding. What do you think about me? Do I have the 'potential face'? *LOL.


Some of us, chose those who have FACES ! you know what I mean. good-looking and cute ones for we didnt exactly know who they are! haha! and that's definitely not an appropriate way to vote! ;p

I am glad and I hope I have picked the right ones.

Oi~ class at 11 am! and now it's 10 am. Better off to class now. Bye semuaaa~ Assalamualaikum. May Peace be Upon You! Salam 1Malaysia! :D annd thanks for reading. ;D

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