Monday, February 1, 2010

Penang trip was awesome!

Salam 'alaykum and hi to you!
I just got back from the tiring but yet awesome trip in Penang!^^ ( I should be sleeping now )It was actually an academic trip for our assignment in Urban Development II subject. We have to study the relationship between urban development catalyst through tourism. Tourism is always a fun thing to study! ;) The trip was a 3 days trip. We stayed in TUNE I really have to post some pictures to show you how amazing the Tune Hotel looks like! Maybe later, on facebook perhaps? :D The trip ran along with Thaipusam celebration in Penang! Just infront of our hotel, the Thaipusam celebration was held purely fun-filled traditions! The trip from Saturday till Monday and the activities held could never be described! I had so much fun with colours and multi tradition of Penang! I am in love with Penang!

Just a simple update from me,AkmalHakim
Till then
W'salam :)

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