Saturday, February 20, 2010

Melaka- photography practice and editing class

Salam and hey to all

I just came back from editing class just now.
and right now it's 2.00 A.M sharp ( according to my laptop's clock)

yeh, the photoshoot practice in Melaka was awesome!
I have learnt lots of new ways of taking photos! it was great!thanks to the seniors whove helped us through the proccess.

and then we got back to campus at 9pm. then, we had our editing photo class. Just a short brief and lessons from Mr.Expert.

and yeah photography is a nice thing! it is indeed and art of drawing through light! :)


  1. line kat sini lembab laa..lambat nak upload..nantilah bile dah balik rumah..i will try to upload..tu pun kalau ada masa balik rumah..:D