Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Raya! Raya!

Salam and hi to all ! :)

I know it's not even Raya yet, plus the holy month of Ramadhan isnt coming to its ending yet. But, I do this post just to make sure that I can put all the stress and burden of assignments and projects UHHH-WAAYYYHHH!!!!!!!!A-W-A-Y!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Away up up and away till I cannot see them anymore till i can clearfly resfreshingly have my peaceful mind back.

Ohhhhhhhhhh god~ so lega.

Actually, I really dont need to express my stressness in this blog, because when I think back of what ultimate PEACEFULLNESS that I gained after performing SOLAH. It was greatefully enough for me. :)

HAPPY RAYA lah then! :) Dont forget to do extra ibadah on these 10 left nights of Ramadhan people! ;)


  1. Raya ! Raya !

    x sabar dah nie.

  2. awk,jemput amik kad raya