Friday, November 13, 2009

Boredom & Semester1 Break

Okay, I admit it. This break is freaking borinng! All I do is sit at home, sleep, get online, chatting with some friends, checking up my youtube,blogspot,myspace,facebook , eat my meals for a day. and then go back to sleep.

Urghh~ I really need to find something NEW!

But, what is it?

please, dont remind me about getting a part-time job. I dont think anybody would hire me for jobs if I would be employed for just couple of weeks and a half. lol Got ah?

The conclusion is, I am just freaking bored.

* Need to watch movie with my sisters. 2012! I am desperately wanting to watch that movie!! wuhuhuhuhuhu.



  1. gotttt !!heyy, there's a job for weekends too lahh,aiyaaa. :)

    2012 !yeayy!!dah tengok ?

  2. job for weekends? what's that? quite confused here :P

    not yet :(( wanting to watch it badly

  3. promoter ?hahha. tak pun buat business.