Saturday, May 29, 2010

Tagging GameTime~

Salam and peace too all! So,I got tagged by my blogger friend,Samantha who is also one of my friends back during when I was in the PLKN/NS camp last year(2009). Thank you Sam! ^_^ The questions are all in Manglish (Rojak Malay+English). So, I am gonna answer them in that too! LOL. Here the tag goes.

1. Apa yang akan anda buat kalau anda tahu ada kawan yang tikam anda dari belakang?

Depends on the problem. If I think it's a serious thing. I'd get him some 'revenge' but most of the time I would just remain silent and try to keeping him/her away from me. Or ask him/her why did she/he has to do such cruel thing and that he/she has hurted me and seriously need to get a life and repent.

2. Enam orang di hati anda?

Let me think. In my mind right now as I am typing this;
Prophet Muhammad s.a.w
My Ayah
Wait. I just love all people in this world. I just dont clasified them. Nope. Yeap.

3. Anda rasa anda comel?

Well, personally, I dont think I am THAT cute but I still manage to think that I am still kind of cute. Yeah. Everyone should think they're one to gain confidence! I really do get some confidence when I am being proud of myself and think I am ok! :D

4. Single or taken?

Still single. Will be searching for one after I get my phD in landscaping. LOL Insyaallah!In the mean time, I just dont trust in 'cinta monyet' or teenage love life. It's just distracting me from my study. I hope so. :D I know I am already 19 but will be finishing my phD when I reach my 30 then I'll be ready to get married! Insyaallah. :D I want kids too! LOL!

5. Blog yang anda suka?

Nope. I dont read much of other people's blogs. Instead one or two of my friend's. I do read blogs by famouse people like the late allahyarhamah Yasmin Ahmad ( the filmaker), the politicus blog from Faisal Tehrani. But, most of that, I just keep blogging to myself. Maybe, I should read more blogs after this. But, I just dont have time and interest. *sigh*

6. Adakah bilek anda kemas setiap hari?

Well, yeah! I love my room in tidy, clean and neat mode. You know. I feel just relax for such private space! :) But, I share it with my big brother. What do you expect when two people with two completely different brains are sharing a space together?! It's hard to keep space neat though! LOL

7. Lagu terakhir yang anda dengar?

Hmm, WHATAYA WANT FROM ME by Adam Lambert? LOL

8. Last text message?

My auntie, Mak Itam telling me about her new facebook account. LOL

9. Last phone call?

Sadly, nobody.

10. Hari terakhir anda menangis?

It was a day in the middle of PLKN/NS last year 2009. I missed my family so much. After that , I never cry. I am afraid my skin will get rinkles. Haha! But, yeah. They say, those who cries alot, getting old earlier. And I dont want that! LOL I never cried till then. I went to UTM. I didnt cry. I get scolded and harsh comments by the lecturers during presentation. I didnt cry. I just dont wanna cry! Insyallah FOREVER! heheh.

11. Five fevret colour

Used to love Green, Black and White. Now, I am more to cheerful colours. Red, Green, Blue, Yellow. Turqoise blue. you name it! :D I red, these colours make my bright skin GLOW! HAHA but, seriously!

12.Orang terakhir ber'ym'?

I didnt even get on YM. Nobody's there. It's too boring! I ON my YM but nobody's there or chatting with me. But, when I opened my Yahoo!Mail then I got private messeges alot! How weird is that? LOL

13. Game pling anda suke?
The Sims 3! Yes! But it gets boring when we play it often!

14. Apa perasaan anda jawab tag ini?
Kinda boring but it does fills my freaking more boring free time! Thanks! LOL

15. Anda rasa tag ini best?

16. Tag lagi sepuluh orang.

Malas. haha!


  1. monyet, kau amek landscaping ke monyet? ktne weh ??
    baru tahu seyhh. haha

  2. Amboi, nak bergurau tu

    Tak tau lagi, mungkin degree nanti tukar bidang kot. Bosan lah perancangan bandar.
    Mungkin kat UTM Skudai nanti? :)

  3. hehehhehe :). tak picture kau tuu, mcm monyet.. hehehehheheh :) jz jk..

    ouh, perancangan bandar? ceyy. sbb kwn aku amik landscaping jgk but architecture lar.. :)
    kenapa tukar ? tak bazir kea?

  4. hush! kejam!

    boleh je. dalam list lepas diploma dia bagi 2 pilihan untuk ke ijazah samada still perancangan bandar ataupun senibina landskap.

    relaks ada lagi 2 tahun diploma. banyak masa lagi nak fikir ! heheh

    Thanks Mitchelle!

  5. wah ? cmtu pun boleh. huhu
    you're welcome :)