Wednesday, December 1, 2010

MAHA Expo 2010

Salam 'alaykum,

Yesterday, on the last day of November 2010, ( 30th of Nov 2010 ) Me, my eldest sister-Atiqah and my auntie ( Mak Itam ) went to the Malaysia Agriculture, Horticulture, & Agrotourism International Expo (MAHA 2010) at Universiti Putra Malaysia, (UPM) Serdang. It was fun! :D
There were full of Malaysian fruits, cultures, animals and products! We got free foods, fruits and juices samples at almost every corner we stop! It was all worth the day! :D
I am looking forward for next year's event! I can't wait! :D

Free massive banana at House of Selangor
.A smiling goat at a farm exhibition. :D


  1. mesti best kan...ak x pernah pegi lg...maybe next time... ^^

  2. Fahmi : Kakak and Ummi aku cakap " hensem kambing dan lembu-lembu kat MAHA"
    I was like . . . . . . .

    Azri : Next year ada lagi, tak silap, tiap-tiap tahun kot, di lokasi yang sama, pergilah selagi ada peluang! :D