Monday, June 21, 2010


Salam 'alaykum :(

It has been three days since Momo my little teenage cat died because of an accident and left me. He was hit by a motorcycle last Friday night.
I really miss it. He was so young and I thought he could live longer and stay with me long enough. But, what bygone be bygone. I couldn't do anything to save him. It was an accident and I was in my night sleep during it happened.

Tips to make sure cats live longer and safer :

1) Always remember cats need to be kept indoors only! follow this link (source from Yahoo!Answer

2) Only 40% chance of survival for street cats to grow and become an adult as they are threatened by the passing and moving vehicles on the road!

3) Clean, feed, care, love, your cats if you really want it to be with you forever.

I couldn't let the cat to stay inside because their paws are always dirty. I dont know. Maybe it really is my fault.

Rest in peace, Momo.(The young cat I barely met from unknown area died in 19th of June 2010)