Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sunway Pyramid - A Day Out with Friends

Yesterday, on Wednesday 23rd of June 2010. I went for a day out with ex-form 5 Vokasional 3 friends, Syazwani and Haikal in Sunway Pyramid. I wouldn't want to waste this 2010 long semester break by not doing anything.( Yeah, right ) Actually, I have wasted first 2 months of long semester break by just sitting at home and watching TV. Haha! How lazy I am to go out and get a partime job.
Oh well, the time has past now and it is definitely too late if I am thinking of getting a part time job now, I am leaving Klang going back to UTM,K.L on upcoming 11th of July.
OK- back on track, actually it was Syazwani who planned EVERYTHING. She sent me and SMS and asked me to go out with Haikal or else, I would just sit at home and do my every routine, watching TV.
Shazwani is a kind of person who just loves to go out, especially to Sunway Pyramid. She loves to watch new movies in cinema there, shopping so many cool brands there, eat variety of foods there. Trust me, Sunway Pyramid is the place OF ALL EXCITEMENTS! There are so many things you could do there!Ice rink for ice-skating lovers, in fact, on this 25 to 27 of June 2010 weekend, there will be an ice skating tournament held there in Sunway Pyramid's ice rink. *
We spent our day out, enjoyed our lunch in a very cool , cute, a combination of france and korean restaurant with delicious foods called the FULLHOUSE restaurant , (they even sells things and clothes in that restaurant! ), watched TOY STORY 3 movie and then held back. Here's some pictures I have taken with the lines made by my already broken Sony Ericcsson's handphone camera. Sorry.
The entrance of FULLHOUSE.

I had Set 4 ! :D The set is super yummy, attractive, cute, delicious just PERFECT! :D
The price is just RM 13.90 only! It was worth it! Click on the picture to see clearer image!

And then we went to watch TOY STORY 3! ( I wont tell you how the story went, because one of my friends, apparently, he is a PIXAR-geek, don't let me to tell all story to people who haven't watch it yet! ) LOL! But, trust me! TOY STORY 3 WAS AWESOME! COLOURFUL! and I just had a very nice environment watching the film. It was funny to see Buzz LightYear a space toy turned into Spanish Mode and speaks Spanish! Haha and dance too! Ooops. But, it was a funny one of all series of TOY STORY I have watched and full of moral values for the children too! Like semangat kerjasama, friendship and etc.

And then we held back home safely. I just love to watch movies and eat in a very unique and cool restaurant! :D Alhamdulillah, thanks to Allah for everything.

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