Friday, August 7, 2009

I Miss UTM,I miss DDN

Assalamualaikum and hi to everyone! =)

i dont know why am i feeling this way =( Maybe I am just a little bit of missing 'them' =(
It has been a week since I left UTM for my sick.=(now i miss em!
I miss my room C-4-33,the DDN friends,lecturers,studio and all
maybe this is the right time I go back to the campus life!^_^
Huzaifi called,he said people miss me,and I do miss them too!=(
But,at the same time,the tons of un-do assignments will burden me.huhuk
am i ready?Am i ready?


  1. wasalam.*bg salam an?
    ain jwb la.
    t dosa sape ta jwb salam.

  2. we miss u too.
    especially me,ara and sufi and apiey!