Friday, August 14, 2009


Salam and hi to you! :)

So,today,this morning.I was forced by Ummi to travel around Klang and Shah Alam.At first,I was too lazy to go and just thinking of getting pictures of Klang and Shah Alam from the internet or google.Thanks to Allah for letting my heart to be opened to listen to Ummi's idea.hehe.It was all worth it! I have got the clear picture now of Klang and Shah Alam after exploring the whole both towns in 2 hours with the help of Ayah.Yippi! Syukur~! I am really glad now.At least,the point of this project : Environmental Awarness is getting clear to me now! :)

It was all worth the travel! :D

here are some pictures of tin and ore old colonial-based architecture town of Klang and the modern well-planned industrial Bandar Anggerik;Shah Alam.

Jalan Stesen of Klang.

Istana Alam Shah/Alam Shah Palace of Klang.

The new built Mosque in the bank of Klang River.

The Blue Mosque of Shah Alam.

No words could explain them.These cities are more than their name!

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