Sunday, August 30, 2009

Trip to Taiping and Georgetown!

Salam !

okay yesterday 29th of August,aku telah memecahkan rekod dengan melakukan 'pelancongan' yang paling cepat didunia!hahahahha
Dua tempat dalam satu hari!wacaya sama luuuuu brooo!!!hhahah/

Aku,Ummi and Ayah went to Taiping and Georgetown both place in a day!!!!Can you imagine that?LOL It was all fun and fast at the same time!
It was actually for my assignment and report, which I have to report about those cities with my DDN Town planning friends, but I didnt make it because I was sick!

and the lecturers decided that I still need to go to the cities.And I did! With my parents!^_^
in a day!!hahahafrom 10 am till 4 am next morning.isk3! I ccannot belive that we're actually made it!:)

I feel relieved~!

Now,all that I need to do is make a very amazing report using my new Acer!^_^ Alhamdulillah!!:)

One of the dirty pipe of drain in Taiping.

My mom, Ummi Jamaliah.eheh!

Penang Bridge view from the

Taiping Visitor and Information Center


  1. waaa...tempat tu...cimb lama... hahaa...aku selalu singgah sana meh...cis.. kalau ada kt kolej, mesti terjumpa punyer... haha
    me at home right now

  2. oooo u're a perak-ian lahhh????!!hahaa which side?Lumut?Sitiawan?etc?*actually i am not even a perakian .lol