Saturday, December 19, 2009


one word.


you better go catch the movie now in cinemas nearby! :D

The effects and all. PEHH WA CAKAP SAMA LU! Worth the tickets MANNN!!! heheh :)

The storyline is thrilling, romantic, fun, sad all blend together! :D

But, why the Na'Vi look abit like African ? I wonder.

Same goes to 2012 the movie that I watched with my siblings. At the end of the film, the africa continent is located at the highest peak of the world after the BIG FLOOD.

Same with AVATAR..the Na'Vi acted like aboriginal same like African..and they're protecting their land from know just like what is happening to Africa right now..

Why is that the movies that I watch has some kind of messege towards upgrading and being nice to Africa.?

Is it a coincidence or what?

here's the link to AVATAR IMDB.COM :)


  1. wow wow .
    avataq . cheq nak p tgk .

  2. best weh avatar !!hari pertama dah ku tengoo

  3. a v a t a r = B O W I N K