Saturday, December 26, 2009

I seriously need to post something. . . .

Okay salam and hi to you first of all. I actually dont know what exactly to write onto this post. But umm..yeah seriously,no clue at all. But, I just wanted to point out this, that I am currently busy finishing my studio course that's site inventory which has to be passed up next Monday! OMG.
Ive been through lot of things these days. And I dont know, those things have made me clear on how think about life rightly.But yeah, right now it's Christmas Holidays and


as for me, I am here alone in this room. in C-4-33. A lot of things in my mind now. But, they're not all mind-destructing at all! Thank God! All I am worry is about the course. other than that, I dont think I have any.

But, seriously I need to post something. I miss the time when I always have the ideas to post and some people will like 'em. But now. Urgh. All has been boring already .

After all, we're just humans. And a human with a religion called Islam. I and we have to do something to make life more meaningful.

I dont know, internet connection's currently being lame in KSJ( my campus ) And I cant get online at most time. And right now! Ive got the chance to be online.hehe and I am not gonna waste it. Thank God! What my thought about all these is that maybe the people are at homes now thus making the connection goes really fast! I dont know. thats just my thought. Not logic at all or is it? eheh

But yeahhhhhhhh. urgh sorry many but this but that. HAHAH! but seriously I dont have any clue of what to post in the mean time.

So I guess I better off to do my Maghrib Prayer. hahah and yeah thanks to me for wasting minutes of your lifetime by reading this. hahah Sorry thousands of it. Anyway, thanks for spending time on checking out and been reading my blog all these while! Love you very much! :D

Take care and May Peace be upon you! * gonna get 'real ideas' be typed in the future posts *


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