Thursday, December 3, 2009

Being a Malay Vegetarian. . . .

I was having a chat conversation with couple of my PLKN mates Samantha and CCP and JT ..
and vegetarian issue came out in the chat..

Sam was like very curious about me being a vege. I know I know this isnt the first time this kinda awkward moment happening to me. In fact, when I was started declaring myself of becominng a vege my parents especially Ummi and other siblings was feeling a bit weird. First, because I am a Malay guy, and second of all, No such thing as vegetariansm well-exposed in Islamic culture (eventhough there are many muslims vegetarian outhere , overseas not in Malaysia ) I have spoke about vegetarianism among Muslims in my past post, If you could browse for it in archives ) heheh

I still remember when I was in PLKN, that was when I just finish my SPM and it was in the month of March until Jun. When I was 17.
this is the scene of how we could actually officially become a real vege and eat vege foods in PLKN..
I had to give my name to the pihak atasan first..then you can pick up the veges... they have the name list..and they cook the vege foods according to the number of people la..karang terlebih masak..tak cukup..susah kang..kan?:D that's why we can only take certain food on certain quantity..i gave my name for vegetarian and the cikgu was like "Betul ke tidak budak Melayu ni?" was weird enough for most of people..but not me..:P dah lah~

Actually, it's not that hard of being a vege especially for a Malay guy like me~
You know~ vegetarianism isnt exaclty kind of belief like when we apply it to ourself that doesnt make us turning into a buddhist or hindus. it's just the fact that we care about animals and at the same time do care about our health.

well~ they say~ vegetarian can lives longer. I dont know if it's true. but some health experts have prooved the fact.


  1. eh.okayy what being like thatt.
    sehatt tahu !!
    what peep says that being vege is weak semua tu salah !but kena pandai balance larhhh :)

  2. hehe i know being a vege sihat sangat! thats why I love it! but i have to take some fish instead of not taking any animals at's for my own good of brain anyway :)

    yess insyallah if God's wills :D

    thanks Mitchelle ! :D

  3. Akmal!!! Haha, i sebenarnya, daa lama tak bce ur blog. So today, saje nak TERJAH your blog. See see, weyh! asal ada nama Samantha? HAHA. Anyway, keep it up ngan niat baik you! :) Keep in touch and take care! :))

  4. Hi! My name is Phyllis and I'm writing about vegetarians/veganism for a newspaper. Is it possible if I ask you some questions?

    Do get back to me (via my email at as soon as possible, thanks! :)

  5. Hi Sam! Haha ya long time, thanks for dropping by ya! :) Take care!

  6. Hello Phyllis,

    No problem. I will email you later. (I know it's so late but I hope I can still help you) Take care!

  7. Hello.
    I am malay and planning to be semi vegetarian (only eat meat once a week). however, i havent been able to do so yet. when i ordered tomyam sayur they put chicken on it, when i asked mee hun goreng with no meat, they have egg in it. my family never had a meal without meat. huaaaa. help me. any tips? thank you

  8. Hello Akmal, I'm a vegetarian too. Vegetarianism isn't necessarily healthy if your preparation of meals includes overcooking your vegetables and using lots of oil. Which is typical of lots of Indian and Malay cuisines.

    I tend to abstain from salt as much as i can and also restrict my carbohydrate intake to Brown rice or pure wholeleal. Chapati by the way is great stuff.