Thursday, December 10, 2009

Kids..and arts! :)

Salam and hi to all :)

Started on Monday 7th Dicember 2009. I have got the chance to teach children how to draw and doing some arts! YAY! I love kids actually heheh

it's my Ummi a.k.a Mother's friend's children. Actually I am not very good at teaching arts. huhuhu But I gave it a go :) And thankfully it went well. The days started from Monday till Thursday went peacefully :).

Different kids different attitudes that's what I have learnt from these kids. And yes children is very pure whatever we teach them that's what they're gonna bring till they grow up.
And I hope by teaching what I understand about arts will give them benefits in the future .

Here are some of the photos we took during our last day of learning arts together :D

My little sister, Aqilah with the siblings and their cousin from Malacca at the back :)

The youngest one. Nur Muhammad, isnt he just adorable? he was like destroying his brothers and sister's drawings all

Me and the budak-budak. Nakal. hahah :D

Conclusion is, I can be a better tutor next time in the future hehe I could improve I'd say.

Kids and innocence is just amazing.


  1. comelnya qila dengan budak2 tuh..takde ke gambar budak2 tu melukis

  2. memang comell heheh..
    hmmm lupela nak amek!!

  3. Akmal, how are you now? Tgh cuti sem yeah? Take a good care and keep blogging :)